上海社会科学院文化产业研究中心, 是上海社会科学院设立和领导的专业研究机构,以建设国际一流的文化智库为目标,以理论研究为基础,以规划应用为重点,以决策服务为特色,长期从事文化产业、创意经济、城市战略、企业文化、体育经济等方面的专业研究和规划设计。






Culture Industry Research Center of Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences(SASS) is a professional research center established and led by Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences. It takes building a world-class international brain trust as goal, researching theories as foundation, planning projects and applying theories to practice as key point, making strategic decisions as feature. It has long been engaged in the professional researching, planning and designing in many fields such as culture industry, creative economy, city strategy, enterprise culture, physical economy and so on.


Our idea: Culture + Creativity = Fortune

Our claim: think global, act local.

Our style: be diligent in researching, be assiduous and hardy in working, be good at planning and designing, emphasize effectiveness.

Our Service: spur with long accumulation, act after considerate plans, combine research with business, offer high quality service.